Good Morning

"Good Morning lovely,"

As I squish my face into the pillow. 

Feel the hand playing with my hair, 

Dancing on my skin. 

Feel the warm breath on my neck, 

The cold toes against mine. 

I make a noise, 

Half asleep, 

Into my pillow. 

"You’re toes are cold!"

The muffled words come out in a laugh. 

Oh really?

the toes find my calves, 

the arm pulls me closer, 

the lips find my neck, 

And the smile… 

I can feel the smile on my skin. 

"Good Morning,"

I open my eyes and stare at the wall. 

Everything is gone. 

The room is dark. 

The room is quiet. 

I am alone… 

The tears fall… And I miss you. 

And the way you used to say

"Good Morning"

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